We supply, and offer advice on, a range of spare parts - either held on our stock or for you to get via other suppliers. We do not aim to be all things to all men!!

Just give us a call if you know what you require and we will be pleased to supply the part. Alternatively if your machine has failed, give us a call and if we are able to diagnose the fault as pertaining to a specific part e.g. cooling fan, then we can send it on. We will check before sending it off  that you feel confident about replacing the part, if not we will advise on the alternatives available to you.

We make full use of emailed instructions / photographs in order to demystify replacing any parts!
   Tel: 44(0)1380 828840       Mobile: 44(0)7973 428722

11A Perrys Lane, Seend Cleeve
Melksham, Wiltshire
SN12 6QA  UK

Services to the engraving industry
based in the UK.